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Discover Aptamers
Realizing Your Potential with Better Binding

As short strands of DNA or RNA, aptamers provide an alternative to variable antibodies for protein and peptide binding. One tenth the size and manufactured in vitro, aptamers can bind cell-surfaces, small molecules, heavy metals and toxins — with high affinity and specificity. For research, clinical and commercial applications, aptamers redefine molecular binding.

Custom Research Services

Beyond discovering aptamers that work, we discover aptamers that work for you. Base Pair adapts for your needs, ensuring the product we develop performs reliably in your lab, for your specific application. We’ll even help you establish methods to maximize its use. It’s how we’ve continued to find success through collaboration. Managing projects that fit:

  • Your target
  • Your timeline
  • Your budget

The Aptamer That Fits Your Needs

For aptamers that work, pair with the experts in the field. Base Pair Biotechnologies has more than a decade of experience working with – and advancing – aptamer technology. Our patented aptamer discovery platform delivers unprecedented speed and efficiency and those benefits pass to you. Large-scale production is fast and reliable and the space is wide open for you to claim intellectual property rights. A proven tool for applications including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Proteomics
  • Bioprocessing
  • Academic Research

Versatile, agile and accessible: Base Pair and aptamers have a lot in common. But success is proven through actions — not claims and theories. Here’s what you should expect with our service:

Fast Results

No animal models; no months spent waiting. Your aptamers arrive in a matter of weeks.

Reduced Risk

We minimize your discovery costs, committing to your success.

Expert Support

From target selection to optimization in the lab.

Fit for Challenging Science

The potential of aptamers is infinite and so is our scope for collaboration. We’ve found a lot of solutions to challenging science, in areas where other reagents have failed. With better technology and better technique, we can overcome many of your research and commercialization hurdles. And if we can’t, we’ll let you know upfront. Either way, results come quick.

Fit for Challenging Science

Aptamers Catalog

Sometimes the solution is already available. Along with expert discovery, Base Pair Biotechnologies has a catalog of pre-selected, validated, aptamers that may fit your project needs. With a range of targets, pricing, and levels of application usage, we pair options with solutions.

Aptamers Catalog