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Funded Research |

Funded Research

Besides custom aptamer development through commercial and research requests, Base Pair Biotechnologies is also involved in multiple projects funded through research grants. For novel applications we are prepared to collaborate on a subcontractual basis for aptamer development on SBIR and other research grants. Below are some of our current and past federally funded research projects involving aptamers:



CDC Rapid Point-of-Care Tests for Cytomegalovirus
NCI Technology to Generate Anti-Peptide Capture Reagents for Affinity-Enriched Proteomic Studies
NIH Aptamer-based Insulin Detection Device
NIEHS Portable Nanofluidic Aptamer-SERS Instrument for Measurement of Chemical Exposure
NCI Development of Alternative Affinity Capture Reagents for Cancer Proteomics Research
NIH Aptamer Coatings for Improved Host Response of Biomedical Implants
NIH Assay for Monitoring Glycemic Control in Diabetics
NIH Development of Glycosylation-Specific Research Reagents (Aptamers)
NIH Platform for Massively Parallel Selection of Aptamer Ligands
NSF Agonist-mimetic aptamers: A new method to control stem cell fate
NIH In vivo Selection of Ribosomal Aptamers for Improved Bioremediation
EPA Sensitive, Quantitative, and Portable Anatoxin Assay using Aptamers and Quantum Dot Nanoshell Reporting


University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."