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Aptamers for Biosensors

Researchers at Base Pair Biotechnologies have also developed aptamers for competitive sensing chemistries, able to detect environmental and clinical analytes.

One example is a sensor that was developed for the small molecule thyroxine (aka “free-T4”), a type of thyroid hormone. To select a suitable DNA aptamer, thyroxine was covalently immobilized via its primary amine to a solid phase gel, using standard chemistries. After 10 rounds of conventional (i.e. single-target) selection, individual aptamers were cloned and sequenced, exhibiting the characteristically high GC content of thyroxine aptamers.

Vista Therapeutics Nanobiosensor

Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. is collaborating with Vista Therapeutics, Inc. to create a powerful collection of Nanowire-Aptamer probes whose sensitivity and ease of use is currently unmatched. Using Vista’s proprietary ‘Universal Linker’ system, aptamers can be readily attached to Vista’s nanowires without modification. Vista has demonstrated that Base Pair’s aptamers can be used quite successfully with nanowires as probes for protein analytes. Because aptamers are small, have a single attachment site, and because they are linearized prior to covalently attaching them, they coat the nanowire surface much more thoroughly than antibodies. This increases signal strength and greatly improves the signal:noise ratio. In addition, aptamer-coated nanowires can be dried and rehydrated many times without loss of signal. And since aptamers are simply DNA strands, Vista and Base Pair can easily create Nanowire-Aptamer probes to DNA, mRNA, microRNA. Using Nanowire-Aptamer probes, the end user can measure combinations of transcripts, proteins, microRNA’s and DNA sequences in the same reaction.

If an aptamer is not currently available for your application, Base Pair can generate aptamers against nucleotide or nucleoside targets in days, they can also create aptamers against proteins, peptides, or small molecules in around three to five weeks. Contact Vista or Base Pair, or visit our websites to obtain product information or information about how we can construct Nanowire-Aptamer probes for your application.

Biosensor Resources

Press Release describing Vista Therapeutics technology can be found at Vista-NanoBioSensor-Release-July-15-2012

Application Note on aptamer experiments with HSP27 and Fibronectin detection in serum can be found at Base Pair Biotechnologies Aptamers Combined with Vista Therapeutic’s NanoBioSensorsTM for Biomarker Measurement in Human Serum

Video of Base Pair Biotechnologies Inc. aptamers operating on the NanoBiosensorTM system can be seen at Vista Therapeutics NanoBiosensor at Work


University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."