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Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc.

9307 W. Broadway,
Suite 390
Pearland, TX 77584

During Office Hours (9am – 5pm CDT):
(832) 230-5518

Leave a message 24 hours a day:
(281) 829-8876


Interested in employment with us?

We are always interested in talented people to add to our team as we expand. If you are interested send us your CV at If you have questions about our products and services please fill out the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible. This form will also place you on our Monthly e-mail list with updated information on our aptamer services and technology development (opt-out at any time).

For the best possible service, we would like to know as much about your final application as possible. If necessary, mutual confidentiality can be readily arranged. Either way, we do not share project information with anyone.


University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."