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Custom Aptamers |

Custom Aptamers

Custom Aptamers

Base Pair Scientists have successfully developed aptamers for a wide range of targets, ranging from small molecules to antibody drug conjugates (ADCs); to bacterial and mammalian cells for academic, government and commercial customers. If you need a reagent that binds your novel target, we’re up for the challenge.

Our scientists know how to navigate the aptamer field and have learnt first-hand the value of customization. We align our aptamer selection process with the application you have in mind. Using a high pH solution? We screen and select an aptamer that binds specifically in those conditions, delivering predictable results.

Beyond selection, Base Pair Biotechnologies are also experts in aptamer modification. We take a targeted reagent and make it even better. Aptamers are incredibly versatile and can be extensively engineered and conjugated without a loss of performance. Whether we’re your first port of call or your last chance for success, we’re the team that can inform you best.

No Strings Attached

Enabled by a proprietary high-throughput aptamer selection process, we offer a flexible pricing structure for DNA aptamer development depending on your number of custom targets (recombinant proteins or synthetic peptides). For example, if you have 16 targets, your price can be as little as $5000 per custom aptamer.

All prices include quantitative binding validation (Kd determination) and access to monoclonal aptamer material to validate in your assay. Additional aptamer material be purchased for approximately $200-500/100μg. Other modifications including biotinylation, fluorophores, and other functionalizations are also available.

Intellectual Property transfer agreements are available for “no strings attached” control of full "monoclonal" aptamer sequence information.

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University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."