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Validated Catalog |

Validated Catalog

Validated Aptamers at Your Fingertips

Welcome to Base Pair Biotechnologies’ Aptamers That WorkTM catalog.

All of our aptamers have been developed by us and validated by various analytical methods to bind to their respective targets.

We have a wide range of target molecules from cells to proteins and peptides as well as small molecules. Through our custom projects and research grants we are constantly adding to our collection. Feel free to browse or search for aptamers to your target of interest and let us know if you require assistance.

Aptamers That WorkTM Catalog

All aptamers are available for general research use – we are also seeking research partners for joint publication and "beta-testing" of these reagents in proof of principle experiments. Many of our aptamers are also available for commercialization in specific products if desired. To discuss your interest in any of our aptamers or to ask about others that may be available please contact us.

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University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."