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  • Bill Jackson Ph.D. and CSO at Base Pair Biotechnologies was recently interviewed for an article in the recent edition of International Innovation, Health Partnership, the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities.  The article entitled "Apt Aptamer Technology" on page 100 of the August 2013 issue explores how aptamers are proving an effective alternative to conventional immunisation and information on Base Pair’s patented approach to custom aptamer development. The complete issue can be found at International Innovation-Health Partnership August 2013
  • Aptamers and Their Potential Applications at Base Pair Biotechnologies
    This Whitepaper encapsulates published aptamer applications and highlights a few of the successful Base Pair aptamer projects
  • 45 Minute audio presentation given at American Society for Cell Biology Meeting Dec 16, 2012
    Bill Jackson Ph.D. presents new data and information about Base Pair Biotechnologies custom aptamer development services.  You can view it on  YouTube. 

Since aptamers were first described, they have been employed in almost every aspect of molecular biology and biosensing, particularly wherever antibodies have been traditionally used.

Please download this White Paper on various (non-exhaustive) applications of aptamers.  In this short application note, you can read about the numerous demonstrated successes of aptamer in:

We also encourage you to visit Aptamers vs. Antibodies as well as a 200+ page market research report written by Bill Jackson, Ph.D, the principal scientist and founder of Base Pair Biotechnologies.


University of Parma, Italy

“Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner."